How to work the Red Envelope


The red envelope is a tool to create more evidence of

your abundance and an opportunity day fund.


The idea is that at the end of the day, you open your wallet and take a

small odd amount out and stow it away in the red envelope.




If you have a five dollar bill and 7 one dollar bills, you might put two 1's in the red envelope.


If you have 1 twenty, 1 five and 4 one dollar bills you might put the five in or the 4 one's

or however much you feel comfortable doing.


If you have a 20, 10, two 5's and three 1's you might sock a 5 away and /or the three 1's.


There is no hard and fast rule, but the idea is you won't miss

and you won't spend what's not in your wallet.


We seem to live as well during a day on 20 dollars as 23 dollars and putting these "extra"

dollars in the red envelope creates an opportunity day fund.


Metaphysically you do many wonderful things.

You become conscious of your abundance in your wallet and you can say to yourself

"Oh look! I am so abundant that I can take this extra money and put it in my red envelope".

You organize and de-clutter your wallet, which creates abundance.

And you now have an additional pocket of savings that is different than other savings

accounts. This one can be used a s an opportunity day fund or for other special projects.


And when you look in your red envelope after awhile you

will feel really abundant if you continually add to it and let it grow.

It's also good to keep in mind, regarding spending ,

the affirmation "My income is greater than my out go".

And always live within your means.